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Asuwayama Deck Cafe

Asuwayama Deck opened only 4 months ago, and let me let you in on a not-so-secret secret: it has been THE talk of the town. This tiny cafe at the top of Asuwa Mountain in Fukui City has, (I’m pretty certain, judging by the wildfire hype), captured the hearts of every women who has passed through its front doors. IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4023IMG_4026

About 2 weeks ago, curious as I cat I prowled up Asuwayama for the first time in search of this cafe, just to see what all the buzz was about. I pushed open the door and immediately cursed myself for not bringing my camera. So…here I am, back again two weeks later, happily typing this blog post as I sip on a delicious cup of coffee and enjoy the blissful atmosphere and beautiful view.  It’s a tough life, the life I lead, no? TGIF! IMG_4051

Cute cafes are all the rage in big Japanese cities like Tokyo these days. Japanese women have embraced the cafe culture with wide open arms, and so it’s no surprise that these big cities have opened a plethora cafes with the female clientele very obviously in mind. The secret to success of the best ones? Atmosphere. 

Each cafe strives to create a memorable & comfortable atmosphere that will keep the women chatting happily for hours and want to come back again and again. Also, the interior decorating is impeccable. Although each one strives to be different and unique, they all have one thing in common: they always make my jaw drop. Each one I walk into I instantly become convinced that ‘this’ is how I want my house to look in the future. I’m an incredibly fickle creature indeed, but each one is just so lovely!  Fukui’s new gem Asuwayama Deck is no exception and I love their decorating! 

Asuwayama Deck is what the women of rural Fukui have been waiting and praying for. It takes a long time for modern Japanese culture to infiltrate Fukui; life is slower and quieter here. The younger generation often can’t wait to go to the big cities seeking vibrant lifestyles and glamorous cafes. So, now that a taste of Tokyo has finally opened in our city, and the ladies of Fukui are thrilled! The cafe is full to the brim with little old ladies out for a lunch date, young women looking dressed to kill chatting happily away with their girlfriends over a coffee, and plenty of young couples enjoying a romantic date. 

This cafe’s best feature are the numerous big windows. They let in lots of natural light, and allow the guests to enjoy looking out at the beautiful nature of Asuwayama.  Lush greenery can be seen through the windows on every side of the cafe.  

IMG_4029 IMG_4058 IMG_4059 IMG_4063 IMG_4054 IMG_4055

The coffee is really good, however the food unfortunately merely mediocre. The menu definitely has room for a little improvement, but I’ll cut them some slack, seeing as they just opened very recently. What is good about the menu is that everything is fairly reasonably priced. 


I ordered a hazelnut latte, the 4-cheese pasta with proscuitto ham, and the satsuma imo fried potatoes. I would recommend the sweet potato fries, which weren’t really french fries but rather chunks of sweet potato baked to perfect flakiness and served with a honey butter dipping sauce. Very delicious indeed, and I would definitely order them again! 


Late June is hydrangea season in Fukui, and the road up Asuwayama was full of blooming hydrangea bushes. If you have time and it’s a nice day, try to the explore the beautiful Asuwayama area.  There is a lovely view of Fukui City too! IMG_4014Asuwayama Deck Cafe Hydrangeas


Asuwayama Deck Cafe Information:

  • Website: click here
  • Open: 10:00 am – 10:00pm
  • Telephone: 0776-36-3733
  • Location: drive or walk to the very top of Asuwayama Mountain, go through the stone torii gate and up the stairs.  (Japanese address – 〒918ー8006 福井県福井市足羽上町111)
  • Reservation recommended for larger groups, or peak hours.
  • Parking available.


If you’re looking for a place with outdoor patio seating, Asuyama Deck Cafe is one of the only cafes in Fukui offering outdoor dining. The only problem is every time I try to wriggle into those comfortable lounge chairs outside with such tempting scenic views and read a book, someone inevitably starts smoking before I’ve even finished a page, and I am forced to retreat inside.  Fingers crossed one day Japan catches on to the fact secondhand smoke being a major turn off, especially when dining!

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